Why Consignment?

I know many of you have wondered why have a consignment store?  Well, cuz’ sometimes we have items hanging around that aren’t being used. Right? Sometimes we are so excited to be “down south” and we see all the pretty shops… and we get carried away looking at the clothes or shoes and we feel we need to buy them all!   Sometimes we just love to buy purses!  Sigh. I get it.  It’s something that everyone goes through at some point and it’s okay.  I’m here to help you.  I can help you get rid of your items, and get the cluttered stress out of your life.  The cool thing about consignment is that you can get a little something back for those purchases you are not using, and you are being a good citizen by helping others get what they need/want. It’s good Karma for you and good for the environment.  It’s passing things along that you are done with and giving happiness to another.